Codebase API Documentation


You can view all wiki pages using the API. At this time, wiki pages cannot be edited or added using the API. Using the methods below you can download an entire archive of your wiki content if required.


Data Method URL
All wiki pages in your project GET /project/wiki/index
Content for a specific page GET /project/wiki/permalink

Object Properties

The XML output below shows the properties which are returned by default when accessing ticket details.

GET /project/wiki/page

  <access-count type="integer">3</access-count>
  <updated-at type="datetime">2010-04-22T14:58:55Z</updated-at>
  <user-id type="integer">2</user-id>
  <version type="integer">1</version>
  • access-count the number of times this page has been viewed
  • markup the type of markup used for this page (textile, markdown, plain, none etc...)
  • permalink the permalink for this page (without the file extension, just use the file's name)
  • updated-at the timestamp this page was last updated
  • user-id the ID of the user
  • version - the current version of this page