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This method is now deprecated. You should use Uploading FIles with Updating Tickets instead.

You can attach/upload files to tickets to include a ticket with description in the ticket history. Any user who can view the ticket can access the attachment file. If the uploaded image is detected as an image (GIF, JPG or PNG) we'll display it in the web interface.


Data Method URL
Upload an attachment to an image POST /project/tickets/ticket_id/attachments

Example for adding an attachment using curl

curl \
  -u "account/user:api_key" \
  -F "ticket_attachment[attachment]=@path/to/file/to/upload.gif;type=image/gif" \
  -F "ticket_attachment[description]=My new attachment"

If the request is successful, you'll receive a 200 OK with properties for the attachment, otherwise a 422 Unprocessable Entity.