Codebase API Documentation


Any ticket can be assigned to a milestone. Milestones can also belong to each other - milestones with a parent-id are child milestones.


Data Method URL
All milestones GET /project/milestones
Create a new milestone POST /project/milestones
Update an existing milestone PUT /project/milestones/milestone_id

Object Properties

GET /project/milestones

  <id type="integer">1734</id>
  <name>Example Milestones</name>
  <start-at type="date">2009-09-17</start-at>
  <deadline type="date">2009-11-20</deadline>
  <parent-id type="integer" nil="true"/>
  • id the unique ID for this milestone
  • name the milestone name as entered in the interface
  • start-at the date this milestone begins. Format: yyyy-mm-dd
  • deadline the date of this milestone's deadline. Format: yyyy-mm-dd
  • parent-id the ID of this parent's milestone
  • estimated-time - The estimated time for this milestone.
  • status the milestone status. One of active, completed or cancelled.
  • responsible-user-id - the id of the user responsible for the milestone

POST /project/milestones

  <name>Example Milestone</name>
  <description>A description for my example milestone</description>
  <start-at type="date">2017-09-06</start-at>
  <deadline type="date">2017-09-12</deadline>
  <parent-id type="integer" nil="true"/>