Codebase API Documentation


You can access a list of all commits within your repository for a specific branch and/or path.


Data Method URL
All commits on for specific ref GET /project/repository/commits/ref
All commits on a specific ref for a named path GET /project/repository/commits/ref/path/to/file/or/folder

ref in this context can be a branch name, tag name or commit reference. If specified it will show the commits from that point in your history.

Object Properties

An array of commits will be returned when requesting the URLs listed above. Each commit will look similar to the data below:

GET /project/repository/commits/ref

  <message>add dev &amp; staging to reserved domains</message>
  <author-name>Adam Cooke</author-name>
  <authored-at type="datetime">2009-10-12T17:49:25+01:00</authored-at>
  <committer-name>Adam Cooke</committer-name>
  <committed-at type="datetime">2009-10-12T17:49:46+01:00</committed-at>
  • ref is the commit reference or revision number
  • message the full message for this commit
  • parent-refs the refs of all parent commits (git & mercurial only)
  • tree-ref the ref for the commit's tree (git only)
  • author|committer-user is the username of the appropriate Codebase user if one was matched with the email address

All other fields are self explanatory.