Codebase API Documentation


Discussions in Codebase allow you do discuss project specific issues with other members of your team.


Data Method URL
All discussions in a project GET /project/discussions
Discussion categories in a project GET /project/discussions/categories
Create a new discussion POST /project/discussions
All posts within a discussion GET /project/discussions/discussion-permalink/posts
Adding a new post to a discussion POST /project/discussions/discussion-permalink/posts

Object Properties

The XML output below shows the properties which are returned by default when accessing ticket details.

GET /project/discussions

  <id type="integer">1234</id>
  <subject>Secret Web Scale Sauce</subject>
  <last-post-at type="datetime">2012-01-30T12:01:14+00:00</last-post-at>
  <user-id type="integer">1</user-id>
  <category-id type="integer">38</category-id>
  • id the unique ID for this discussion
  • subject the subject for this discussion
  • permalink a URL friendly version of the subject
  • last-post-at the time the last post was added to this discussion
  • user-id the ID of the user that created the discussion
  • category-id the ID of the discussion category
  • category the name of the discussion category

GET /project/discussions/categories

  <id type="integer">38</id>
  • id the unique ID for this discussion category
  • name the name of this discussion category
  <user-id type="integer">1</user-id>
  <created-at type="datetime">2012-01-30T11:59:02+00:00</created-at>
  • content the body of the discussion post
  • user-id the user who added this post
  • created-at the time when this post was added to the discussion

Creating a new discussion

When creating a new discussion, you should simply send the subject, content and category_id fields. The user ID will be automatically based on your API key.

Adding a new post

To add a new post you only need to send the content field.