Codebase API Documentation


Any user which participates in a ticket can choose to "watch" it. Each time a new update is posted all ticket watchers will be notified according to their notification preferences. When a ticket is created, the reporter and assignee are automatically added as watchers.


Data Method URL
All watchers for a specific ticket GET /project/tickets/ticket_id/watchers
Set all watchers for a specific ticket POST /project/tickets/ticket_id/watchers

Object Properties

GET /project/tickets/ticket_id/watchers

<watchers type="array">
  <watcher type="integer">321</watcher>
  • watcher the unique ID for the user

Updating watchers

Send an post request containing the IDs of all users you wish to watch this ticket. The payload should be in the same format as the GET request to this endpoint.

Note: Users may be watching on a project or account wide basis and you cannot remove them from watching a particular ticket via the API, they must do this themselves from the web UI.