Codebase API Documentation

Updating Tickets

Once a ticket has been created, it cannot be changed directly. However, you can make changes to it by simply posting a new note. Ticket notes are displayed in the web interface on the ticket page - a ticket note can contain normal text or a set of property changes. It's important to remember that you are creating a new ticket note rather than updating a ticket, so all methods are sent as POST rather than PUT.


Data Method URL
All notes for a specific ticket GET /project/tickets/ticket_id/notes
Specific note GET /project/tickets/ticket_id/notes/note_id
Create new note POST /project/tickets/ticket_id/notes

Object Properties

POST /project/tickets/ticket_id/notes

    <content>Updating the Status</content>
        <subject>A new summary</subject>
    <upload-tokens type="array">
  • content any text to output with the ticket note. This will be marked up with Codebase Markdown when displayed in the web interface.
  • time-added can be used to create a time session from this ticket update.
  • changes any property changes to be applied with this ticket note. Only send the fields you wish to change. If you only wish to change status-id, only include status-id within the changes param. The available change params are:

    • status-id
    • priority-id
    • category-id
    • assignee-id
    • milestone-id
    • start_on
    • deadline
    • subject - changes the subject to this new value
  • upload_tokens allows already uploaded files to be attached to a ticket. Should be an array of tokens returned from Uploading Files.

  • private should be set to '1' to make this update visible only to the authenticated users company

The method for establishing the correct foreign IDs for use for status-id, priority-id and category-id can be found in the Statuses, Priorities and Categories documentation.