Available User Permissions

Last updated by Adam West on January 04, 2017 16:26


  • Can add/edit/delete roles?
  • Can adjust account branding options?
  • Can change account settings (name, domain etc...)?
  • Can create account administrators?
  • Can manage account billing information and/or cancel the account?
  • Can manage users?
  • Can prevent deletions made by any user?
  • Can remove account administrators?
  • Can upgrade or downgrade the account's package?


  • Can add and edit events on the global account calendar?
  • Can delete any calendar event belonging to any user?
  • Can edit calendar entries belonging to any user?
  • Can view events on the global account calendar?


  • Can change the category of a discussion?
  • Can close and re-open discussions?
  • Can delete a discussion?
  • Can edit posts?
  • Can view private discussions?


  • Can change project properties?
  • Can create new projects?
  • Can delete projects (including all data)?
  • Can download an archive of all projects?
  • Can transfer projects to another account?
  • Has read access to all projects?
  • Has write access to all projects?


  • Can create repositories?
  • Can destroy repositories?
  • Can edit commit and merge request comments belonging to any user at any time?
  • Can give other users permission to view and edit repositories?
  • Can make a repository publicly accessible?


  • Can accept incoming e-mails into the ticketing system?
  • Can access estimated time for a ticket?
  • Can delete tickets and all associated content?
  • Can edit the watchers list for any ticket?
  • Can edit ticket update content belonging to any user at any time?
  • Can view private tickets?


  • Can view a users contact details?
  • Can view a users full name?
  • Can view a users history, statistics and assignments?