Built in reports

Last updated by Adam West on January 09, 2017 13:03

Codebase comes with some default ticket reports, and you can view them by selecting them from the tickets dropdown within a project:

Incoming Tickets

If you have email ticket submission enabled then you will see this report. All tickets submitted from unrecognised email address (not users assigned to this project) will appear in this report and wait for approval.

My Assigned Tickets

This report simply shows all the tickets that you have been assigned to, this means you are expected to handel this tickets request.

My Reported Tickets

This report shows all tickets that you have 'reported' or 'created'.

Open Tickets

In the Open tickets report you will see a list of tickets that are currently in an open status, tickets in this report can be "New", "Accepted" and "In Progess".

Closed Tickets

You will see tickets in this report when they are in a closed status either "Completed" or "Invalid".