Code Tasks

Last updated by Adam West on September 15, 2017 10:20

Code tasks are an easy way of including a reminder in your code, If for example you add a comment as below.

//TODO: Write a superduper function here

To view the task list, navigate to the correct repository and click the Tasks tab:

Codebase will pick out the keyword TODO: and display it among a list of tasks in the task browser.

Converting tasks to Tickets

You can also convert a task to a ticket, if you want to be able to work on the task and collaborate. Just click Convert to Ticket next to the appropriate task, then add the necessary details. The subject and message will be automatically populated by the task details.

Accepted Keywords


Hiding Code Tasks from Folders

Should you wish to hide certain folders in your repository from showing in your tasks for example an external module, simply navigate to the folder in your repository, and click the option to the right hand side - Hide from Code Tasks?. This will stop any files within that directory from showing in your task list.